Morning for Hemp in the Big Blue River Valley

Sept 25 2020 10am-2:30pm



Forbes estimates that CBD will be a $22 billion industry by 2023. Demand for Hemp Fiber, CBG & Biodegradable plastics made from the Hemp Hurd/Shiv is set to grow by billions. Farmers are wondering if Hemp might be the right crop for their operation as they look to diversify. Come learn more and join us as we assist you and your Agricultural operation to make a more informed opportunity cost decision on diversifying your Agricultural Operation with Hemp.  Hemp Farming once thrived in our region! Learn more about this (now legal) great sustainable rotation crop and all it’s applications.
"$630 Million worth of Hemp Products in the U.S. and none are grown here.”
- Josh Hendrix

Event's Speakers

Dr. Arin Sutlief

Dr. Arin Sutlief is the Laboratory Director of Cannabis Testing Laboratories (CTL), a subsidiary of Doane University. Dr. Sutlief received her Ph.D. in analytical chemistry at University of Nebraska-Lincoln and completed a post-doctoral National Institute of Health fellowship at Doane University, conducting research in cannabis testing and publishing peer reviewed articles.

In June 2020, Dr. Sutlief co-founded and built the ISO certified cannabis testing facility, which was the first in the State of Nebraska. She is a national and state expert in cannabis sampling, testing methods, laws, and regulations and educates the public by speaking engagements and online course deliveries through the Cannabis Studies Program at Doane University.

Andrew Bish

Andrew Bish is the Founder & CEO of Hemp Harvest Works & COO of BishEnterprises, both of Giltner, NE. Bish Enterprises, founded in 1976 known worldwide for combine header adapters, is a harvesting equipment manufacturer, design, engineering, and research firm. Hemp Harvest Works is a machinery sales business focused on bringing a complete line of equipment & ancillary solutions to both hemp producers and/or processors. In addition to the day to day operations, Andrew serves the President of the Nebraska Hemp Industries Association and Director of the Colorado Hemp Industries Association, Vice President of the Hemp Feed Coalition, & Technical Committee member of the US Hemp Authority. Since 2015, Andrew has been focused on identifying and resolving the many issues currently facing hemp harvesting and processing, while continuing to develop solutions for the other commodities he works with as well.

Dr. Andrea Holmes

Dr. Andrea Holmes is a Professor of Chemistry at Doane University in Crete Nebraska and the Chief Growth Officer of Precision Plant Molecules in Denver, Colorado. Dr. Holmes received her Ph.D. in organic chemistry at New York University and was a National Institutes of Health post-doctoral Fellow at Columbia University in the Department of Chemistry and Columbia Medical College, College of Physicians and Surgeons in New York City.

In 2018, Dr. Holmes was appointed as a PhD scientist at AgriScience Labs in Denver, a state certified and ISO audited marijuana-testing lab. At AgriScience Labs, Dr. Holmes tested marijuana consumer products for potency, residual solvents, terpenes, pesticides, yeasts, molds, salmonella and e-coli. She also conducted her own research and developed an automated image analysis for counting yeast and mold colonies in marijuana, eliminating the need for a microbiologist to count the colonies manually. Furthermore, Dr. Holmes hosted a Doane student at AgriScience Labs and developed a portable cannabis colorimetric sensor that is able to detect and quantify THC. Dr. Holmes presented these scientific innovations at the Institute of Cannabis Research at the University of Pueblo in Colorado and at the American Chemical Society in Orlando, Florida.

In December 2018, Dr. Holmes co-founded and built and built Precision Plant Molecules (PPM) in Denver, a premier science-based cryroethanol cannabis extraction company that emphasizes good manufacturing practices, compliance, full traceability, and filling the market needs for high quality cannabis extracts and isolates. Now, serving as CGO, Andrea drives the commercial development process with customers focused on the introduction of novel formulations and ingredients involving both major and emerging cannabinoids, as well as product lines containing a full spectrum or specific phytocannabinoid ratios that are 100% THC free. She is the key liaison between customers, industry and academic research collaborators, and PPM’s R&D and product development teams. She also leads PPM’s marketing initiatives and relationship building with hemp industry companies and regulatory agencies. She is motivated to change each person’s world for the better and do so in each interaction, as well as with products created with scientific innovation. Pushing all team members at PPM to higher levels is one of Andrea’s superpowers which in turn helps PPM bring its customers and end-use consumers the benefits of new and efficacious cannabinoid-based products.

Dustin Paulsen

Dustin has grown hemp and cannabis for over 30+ years in both private and commercial settings across the midwest. Though he is native to Nebraska, Dustin works as a master grower for one of the original medical marijuana licensees in the state of Colorado.

When the USDA approved Nebraska’s hemp program, Dustin came back to Nebraska to aid in the upstart of numerous Nebraska hemp farms and greenhouse grows as the lead cultivation consultant for HempConsultants.com, a Nebraska Based Hemp Company. Though he enjoys educating others by talking at forums and consulting, his true passion is talking to the plants in the field.

Colonel Tommy Garrett

Tommy L. Garrett is a Small Businessman, Retired Air Force Colonel, Former Nebraska State Senator.

Colonel Garrett was born at Keesler Air Force base in Biloxi, Mississippi and has lived all over the world.

Colonel Garrett followed in his then deceased fathers’ footsteps and served his country by joining the United States Air Force (USAF) where he held many commanding posts.

Colonel Garrett served his nation in the first Gulf War and then served in the Pentagon as Commander for Military Matters and Operations Chief at the National Air Intelligence Center (NAIC) maintaining 24-hour support to the National Military Joint Intelligence Center (NMJIC) while maintaining intelligence support to the Air Force Chief of Staff and Secretary of the Air Force.

Colonel Garrett then served as Commander for the Intelligence Division at the United States Air Force Weapons School (USAFWS) at Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada, while enjoying Nevada’s lack of an income tax. During his service at Nellis, Garrett was responsible for conducting the Intelligence Weapons Instructor course, the USAF’s most advance and comprehensive training program in intelligence applications and support for theater air operations, mission planning, and battlefield execution. 

Colonel Garrett then served as the Deputy Commander of the 17th Training Group at Goodfellow Air Base in San Angelo, TX. From Goodfellow Garrett planned and implemented Air Force and Department of Defense (DoD) directed intelligence training, intelligence related cryptologic training, Special Instruments training, and firefighter training. Garrett managed over 8500 students annually, including foreign nationals, in over 60 courses taught at Fort Huachuca in Arizona, Corry Naval Air Station in Florida, and Goodfellow AFB.

While attending the National War College, Colonel Garrett was selected to be the Commander of the 607th Air Intelligence Group and the Headquarters 7th Air Force Director for Intelligence at Osan air Base in the Republic of Korea. At Osan Garrett was successful in establishing superb working relationships with the Operations Group; United States Forces in Korea Director of Intelligence (J2) and Republic of Korea Air Force (ROKAF) Intelligence. Garrett led two multi-disciplined intelligence squadrons with over 700 personnel and $1 billion in systems and resources. Garrett commanded Deployable Ground Station-3 (DGS-3) of the Air Force’s Distributed Common Ground System (DCGS). Garrett also directed the planning, exercising and execution of intelligence support for all joint and combined air combat operation in the Korean area of operations.

Colonel Garrett then was selected to be the Commander of the Joint Intelligence Center (JIC) at Headquarters United States Strategic Command, Offutt Air Force Base, Nebraska.

Garrett was tasked with reviving and leading an organization of over 800 joint intelligence personnel with an operating budget of over $60 million annually. 

While serving as the JIC Commander at USSTRATCOM Garrett was selected to deploy to Prince Sultan Air Base, Saudi Arabia to serve as the Chief of Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Division (ISRD) in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. In Saudi Arabia Garrett led a staff of 366 American, British and Australian intelligence personnel in the Combined Air Operations Center (CAOC) at Prince Sultan. Garrett and his team provided all substantive intelligence analysis and intelligence support to the Combined Forces Air Component for Operation Iraqi Freedom. 

Garrett returned from Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) and continued his work as Commander of the JIC until he retired. Colonel Garrett led the Joint Intelligence Center through the most sweeping changes to any command in the history of the Unified Command Plan.

After retirement, in 2007, Garrett founded The Garrett Group, Inc. in Bellevue, Nebraska. The Garrett Group Inc. is a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSDB) which provides Intelligence and Security Consulting to government and commercial customers and employs over 120 individuals in Nebraska, Colorado, Texas, Hawaii, Washington DC, and the United Kingdom.

In 2013 Colonel Garrett was appointed by Nebraska Governor Dave Heineman to serve in the Nebraska legislature as the Senator from Legislative District 3, which includes portions of Bellevue and Papillion. Senator Garrett was subsequently elected in 2014. 

During his time in the Legislature, Garett was a champion for issues pertaining to Veterans, Infrastructure, Cutting Taxes, Occupational Licensing Reform, the 2nd Amendment, the Right to Life and other Civil Liberties. 

Senator Garrett successfully introduced and passed legislation which abolished civil forfeiture in Nebraska. This legislation also enabled Nebraska’s 10th Amendment right to limit and ban Nebraska Law Enforcement from utilizing the Department of Justice’s (DOJ) equitable sharing program in most circumstances. Senator Garrett also passed legislation which required record keeping and reporting to the State Auditor of all law enforcement seizures of assets and property.  Senator Garrett passed other legislation including ending Nebraska’s prohibition which banned Billboard owners from trimming vegetation growing around their Billboard’s, legislation which gave pedestrian rights in crosswalks to disabled Nebraskans operating wheelchairs and motorized scooters, and Senator Garrett was also the initial introducer of the Choose Life License Plates.

Senator Garrett was a big champion of Senator Norm Wallman’s effort to legalize industrial Hemp, and is best known as the champion of LB 643, the first comprehensive legislation proposed to legalize medical cannabis in Nebraska. LB 643, was defeated on a 30-19 vote, falling three votes short of overcoming the 33 vote threshold for overcoming a filibuster. 

Now out of office, Tommy and his wife Julie, continue to live in Bellevue and operate The Garrett Group, Inc. The Garrett’s are proud parents and grandparents. Their children and grandchildren include their son Tommy Jr; eldest daughter Hannah Agonor, her husband Royce, and their daughter Rosaleigh, and their youngest daughter Maude.

When he is not operating his business, Garrett enjoys working out and lifting with his son, Tommy Jr., watching Denver Broncos football with the family, and listening to The Rolling Stones.

Chad "JAZ" Jasnau

Chad Jasnau has been involved in the Cannabis & Hemp industry since 2009. He was a graduate of the first class at Cannabis University in Colorado, January of 2009. He is the owner and co-founder of Fresh Baked Boulder/Denver and holds retail & cultivation Licenses in Colorado. Fresh Baked Retail in Boulder was the first Recreational Dispensary within the city limits of Boulder in March of 2014. Fresh Baked has won multiple awards for Cannabis flower, including 2nd place in the 2012 Medical High Times Cannabis Cup for their strain, Jack Flash. Fresh Baked produces 200 lbs of flower per month and generally wholesales about 130 lbs to other retailers in Colorado. Chad also moved to Minnesota for a short time and worked closely with the holder of the first pilot program hemp license in northern Minnesota. Chad was on the Colorado NORML Board of Directors from 2016-2017. He also served as the Communications Director for Omaha NORML in 2017. Being in the industry for a decade, Chad is among the longest standing and first legal operators in the Marijuana Industry. During this time, he has been proficient in facility design and vertical integration. Between the retail and manufacturing facilities, Chad has grown the company from a couple hundred thousand to a 6 million dollar a year company. Chad is currently working with a Spanish CBD breeder to acquire strains and seeds that take many years to test and produce while also expanding Fresh Baked into Nebraska. Chad will also be featured in the International Cannabis Film, the Big Lie coming in late 2020/2021.Prior to diving into the Marijuana field, Chad was in the Franchise industry for a decade focused on Real Estate and Construction and Non-Traditional Development. He worked for Quiznos Corporation from 2001 to 2006 and then Maui Wowi from 2006 to 2010. Chad has been married to his beautiful wife, Tiffiny, for 14 years and they have one son, Revere, who will turn 4 this year.

Sponsors of Event

Kracke Real Estate
Powered by Keller Williams

Looking to sell your home to buy your Hemp Farm? In today’s competitive market, you need a passionate, local advisor that can help you navigate the home buying and selling process. An individual with local market knowledge, a Team with ccess to industry-leading real estate tools to determine your homes value or customize your home search, proven negotiator who will be with you every step of the way, who is a trusted and knowledgeable partner through closing and beyond. You need Don Kracke and the team at Kracke Real Estate powered by Keller Williams.

Call Don Kracke today at (402) 432-3462. Don is an Accredited Land Consultant (ALC) and is known for his competence in land evaluation and sale transactions. Don & the Kracke Real Estate Team are also licensed in Iowa, Kansas, Missouri and South Dakota. The Kracke Team sells and locates properties such as farmland, recreational land and commercial properties in these areas as well.

Contact THE KRACKE TEAM when looking to buy or sell your dream home or investment property. If you know of someone looking to buy or sell property, send them they can learn more at https://www.krackerealestate.com/


HempConsultants.com is a nationally recognized industry-leading hemp consulting company. The company was originally formed in Colorado when hemp was legalized, but recently relocated to Southeast Nebraska as the founders roots run deep in Midwest Farming. HempConsultants.com’s purpose is to bring a distinctive product and approach to serve by providing industry-leading consulting services and network resources. They are determined to prove that their Midwestern work ethic, honesty and integrity make a tremendous impact on farmers and landowners, allowing Farmers to achieve their goals for their hemp operation.

HempConsultants.com not only consults, but are also active licensed cultivators with a thorough appreciation and respect for not only the benefits of the product and its agronomic impacts, but also for understanding of the governing regulations surrounding hemp business operations.

HempConsultants.com provides a number of services for Hemp operations including, but not limit to; Hemp feasibility studies, evaluation services, financial Pro-Forma and graduated expense analysis, operational & business planning, Farm Site design services, Greenhouse design, Genetics sourcing & acquisition, license application services, and of course, educating the farmer on best cultivation practices for your specific area. Learn more at HempConsultants.com, Hemp Consultants on Facebook, or call (402) GET-PAID locally, or nationwide at 866-HEMP-GRO.

Pirsch Legal Services

Perry A. Pirsch, the founder of Pirsch Legal Services, has 20 years in the practice of law. Pirsch has an extensive background in business law, employment law, estate planning, litigation, government affairs, and has assisted hundreds of clients before state and federal courts, government body administrative hearings, and in negotiations, and mediation. Pirsch works with the owners or board of directors of numerous small businesses, nonprofit corporations, and charities, with families, and individuals who need competent and experienced counsel.

Pirsch received his Juris Doctorate (J.D.) from the University of Nebraska College of Law; a Masters in Journalism (M.A.) from the University of Nebraska; and his Masters in Public and Nonprofit Administration (M.P.A.) from George Mason University. During law school, Pirsch clerked for the Nebraska Department of Justice in Criminal Appeals and, following graduation, he was appointed as an Assistant Attorney General for the State of Nebraska. Subsequently, Pirsch served as Legislative Counsel to Congressman Lee Terry, General Counsel to the Nebraska Auditor of Public Accounts, and Deputy State Treasurer and General Counsel to the Nebraska State Treasurer

Pirsch is licensed in both state and federal courts in Nebraska, the District of Columbia, the Court of Appeals for Veterans’ Claims, and the United States Tax Court.

Pirsch is also the author of numerous business law articles, Attorney General Opinions, fiction, and his thesis, Blind Trusts as a Model for Campaign Finance Reform, was selected for publication by William and Mary Policy Journal.

D&M Harvesting

D&M Harvesting is a custom harvesting/grain extraction company, based out of Pierre, South Dakota.

DMH travels throughout the country specializing in harvesting wheat, millet, milo, canola, sunflowers, corn, and soybeans. DMH is managed by Dexter & Michelle Kolb, and the DMH Team harvests across Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas & South Dakota. To learn more visit https://dmharvesting.weebly.com/

DMH is always taking resumes and requires all workers to obtain a commercial drivers license. To apply email resume to dmharvesting@hotmail.com


Based out York, Nebraska; Agri-Products started production in 1985. In this relatively short period of time, they have gained recognition as an innovator of quality equipment for agriculture. “Efficiency for Agriculture” is the motto used to direct the design and manufacture of their products. Many of their employees have farming backgrounds, making their experience a valuable asset when it comes to the design considerations for The Hempsker 1.0 and their other products. Contact Keith Bonin today at (402) 362-5500.


Based out of Yuma, Colorado; Agri-Inject Inc and their ReflexCONNECT system is taking Fertigation & Chemigation to the next level. Their innovative new ReflexCONNECT injection system provides precision in the face of a variety of climate conditions, chemical viscosities, various soils, and topographies. The remote control real time monitoring and alert system, detailed charts and reports will bring your chemical and fertilizer application system to the next level. To learn more call Dan Greenwith Agri-Inject Inc. today at (970) 630-2707 or learn more below.

SweetWater Hemp Co.

Sweetwater Hemp Company was started by the Cruise Family of Pleasanton, Nebraska. They are fourth and fifth generation farmers with over 150 continuous years of farming. Well respected and seen as leaders in their farming community, the Cruise Family has a number of successful agricultural related businesses including an acre-plus sized Fresh Herbs Greenhouse where they sell to over 300 Wal-Mart locations, Transportation Company, where they manage a dedicated fleet that transports goods across the Midwest, and they also farm 3300 acres of corn and soybeans every season. As farmers they have adapted and expanded throughout the years.

In 2017 the Cruise family began researching, planning, and engaging with expert Craft Hemp consultants and industry leaders to develop Sweetwater Hemp Company LLC.

Sweetwater Hemp Company’s advanced Ice & Water Extraction solvent-free equipment will provide farmers the highest yield of terpenes to cannabinoid ratio. Product purity is not just dependent on high quality strains, but also the extraction process and cutting edge equipment.

A common pitfall to product potency is outdated equipment and processes such as ethanol or ethyl alcohol, butane, and even CO2 which all of these processes can degrade and/or destroy the terpenes during the decarboxylation process resulting in lower grade end product.

Sweetwater Hemp Company uses only the latest extraction technology and equipment to assure minimal to zero loss of terpenes in the extraction process and the ability to isolate those terpenes at the molecular level, providing the right therapeutic values for the consumer using a specialized water extraction method. Their top of the line equipment and unique process provides a superior flavor and fragrance compared to other oils that are prepared with solvents.

Blackburn Manufacturing

Blackburn Manufacturing is a Antelope County based manufacturer. A.R. Blackburn was 64 when he started to manufacture marking flags in 1953. Today, Neligh based Blackburn Manufacturing Company is the number one manufacturer of marking flags in the world, which goes to prove the old saying “what Nebraskans can dream, Nebraskans can do;” no matter what the age.

Blackburn Manufacturing is the Worldwide Leader in Marking Flags! With over 60 years of the best customer service in the industry. Blackburn produces and fabricates small plastic flags attached to wire, plastic, or fiberglass staffs. Marking flags can be used by construction, survey, public works, utilities, landscaping, soil conservation, farming, forestry, gardening, landscaping companies, and so many more to identify underground water, gas, electric and cable conduits or pipes, or whatever needs their profession requires. Marking flags can also be used to post signage, delineate construction areas, warn about pesticide applications, or simply advertise a message or your business.

Blackburn Manufacturing sells more than just flags, though. Other products include signs of all sizes and shapes, door tags, door hanger bags, irrigation tags, marking tags, multi-purpose service stickers, window clings, tapes, paints, cones, Measuring wheels and tapes, and much more! Whatever your marking needs, Blackburn Manufacturing has you covered. The marking flags of tomorrow, just might be made from Hemp hurd/shiv biodegradable plastics.

Bish Enterprises

Bish Enterprises has been providing innovative products for 40 years, serving the farmers and dealers that harvest the crops that help feed America. In 1976, Harv Bish opened the doors to Harvs Farm Supply in the same location Bish Enterprises is today. Harv had a simple goal in mind – to help solve complicated issues farmers face with easy, inexpensive solutions. Years later, that’s still the goal we strive to achieve on a daily basis.

The current owner and CEO, Brad Bish, and his wife, Christy Bish, jointly purchased Harvs Farm Supply from their father in 1997. They went on to build the company we know today as Bish Enterprises.

We are famous worldwide for our Header Adapters, all of which are designed and fabricated here in Giltner, NE. Additional products we’re known for are the “Bish” branded harvest accessories, SuperCrop Row-Crop Header, “Bish Built” Custom Corn Heads, Row Crop Heads, and Frame Kits, Corn Reels, Drive Kits, and much more!

We also offer the ORIGINAL “Bish Head Changer,” custom-built heads from 20” to 40” row spacing, and are even a Brent grain cart dealer. You won’t find a larger selection of corn heads or row crop heads in non-stock row configurations anywhere else!

J Tech Construction

The Official Exterior Expert of the Huskers. A Nebraska leader in the solar industry, their owner, Jason Olberding, established himself in the exterior remodeling industry at a very young age. Growing up his father, Don, ran a seamless siding company in Beatrice. Jason was intrigued by the remodeling business and worked with his father for most of his youth. At the age of 19, while still working with his dad, he also began buying shuffleboards and renting them to local businesses. By the age of 20 he decided to go into business for himself, and thus J-Tech construction was developed

J. Tech’s attention to detail is second to none, and their mission is simple: Provide homeowners with the highest quality work in the region. Period. The folks at J. Tech love their craft and take pride in the high quality of work that they bring to the marketplace. Regardless if they are working on windows, doors, or siding, J. Tech’s crew of experts is known for going above and beyond. That’s the J-Tech way.

American Hemp Brokers Association

Join the AHBA (American Hemp Brokers Association) today!

The American Hemp Brokers Association exists with the mission to “support the growth and development of all aspects of the hemp industry. They accomplish this mission through community education, setting standards, delivering an end product network, drive the need for Hemp, stay on the leading edge of new technologies, Hemp advocacy, and growing commodity brand recognition. Hemp farmers and entrepreneurs can become a member of the AHBA by joining today and learn more below.



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