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At HempConsultants.com, we know the choices you make today regarding the creation of your hemp business will greatly impact not only your future but that of your children and grandchildren. Never before has an opportunity like this been available to the common farmer and landowner, and we at HempConsultants.com want to help every farmer and landowner take full advantage. In the past, these giant income and legacy creating opportunities were only made available to the existing industry insiders, large-scale farms, and corporate-backed operations. Though this is a newly emerging industry, now is the time to act quickly and stake your position in the developing hemp landscape that is rapidly changing the face of farms across the nation. Only a few select hemp farmers and businesses can act fast enough to establish a footprint scalable enough to become the top industry leaders in their respective regions, and at HempConsultants.com our goal is to make you that industry leader

“Work hard, stay focused and surround yourself with good people  –  Dr. Tom Osborne

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We Specialize In:

  1. License Acquisition
  2. 0% THC Testing
  3. Compliance & Regulations
  4. Banking & Crop Insurance
  5. Genetics & Seed Sales
  6. Land Identification
  7. Tillage & Soil Prep
  8. Planting & Harvesting
  9. Nutrients & Feed
  10. Pesticides & Herbicides
  11. Equipment & Machinery
  12. Greenhouses
  13. Storage & Transport
  14. Oil & Industrial Processing
  15. Securement and End-Buyer Contracts

Interested in the hemp industry, but don’t know where to start? Or are you a farmer that would like to add a crop into your rotation without profits tanking? We at HempConsultants.com are here for those purposes. We created our service to help bridge the knowledge gap all while creating substantial profits for our clients. If you’re interested in growing the hemp industry check out our fee structures page. Let us help you too!


There’s a lot of misinformation surrounding the hemp industry which generates various questions for potential cultivators. If you’re looking for a comprehensive list of facts regarding this marvelous industry. Be sure you check out our ever-growing page of information and resources!

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