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We here at HempConsultants.com not only consult, but we are also active cultivators with a deep appreciation and respect for not only the benefits of the product but also for having a deep understanding of the governing regulations surrounding hemp business operations. Just like the old TV ad said, “we’re not only the company president, but we’re also a client”. Being active in the hemp industry allows us to create high-producing ultra-efficient systems in our hemp businesses and cultivation practices, before implementing them in yours. It all began when a group of business leaders from the Midwest with networks and investments in developing legal hemp states noticed a shift in the perception of industrial hemp and CBD across the Midwest (a very conservative area of the country).

With this change in public sentiment and eventual change in governmental policies, we agreed to a dedicated schedule formal meetings and virtual group-think sessions to create a plan that would provide positive implications for our fellow Midwest farmers and landowners suffering from year after year of losses in income, or worse, losses of the family farm and homestead. Over several group discussions amongst farmers, open forums at town halls, and private round table meetings with leading hemp experts and local influencers, we discovered how we could best impact our farming communities with our resources, cultivation knowledge, network of experts, and business skill sets. That discovery and subsequent plan of action are what we offer to you today, to best assist you in taking advantage of the emerging hemp industry to achieve the agricultural business goals you deserve. HempConsultants.com is the platform we have created to bring that to you.

-Our Mission-

“With our roots running deep in the farming lineages of the Midwest, our purpose is to bring a distinctive product and approach to serve our local community’s farmers and land-owners by providing industry-leading consulting services and network resources. We are determined to prove that our midwestern hard work ethic, honesty, and integrity will make a tremendous impact on farmers and landowners of all states, allowing them to achieve their hemp business goals and provide a farming lineage for future generations.

To accomplish our goals, we invested our time and finances into numerous hemp farming operations across the United States and utilized our network of industry experts to produce the highest quality hemp and CBD available at the time. We spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on research and development and spent countless hours visiting multiple farms and cultivation operations from Oregon to Florida. We examined each farm and business operation in extensive detail, from not only an agricultural production standpoint but also from that of an investor-owner in the company. This not only allowed us to find and compare industry best standards of practice but also allowed us to combine that with environmental elements to create a blueprint for a successful hemp company that can thrive in any environment – physical or legal.

This exclusive full-access to behind the scenes hemp industry knowledge allowed us to ethically replicate what we derived as each cultivator’s best standards of practice and procedures. This afforded us the rare opportunity to focus on a full spectrum approach to cultivation plans, versus becoming reliant on one particular technique or methodology. Equally as important, it aided in the development of our vast network of hemp industry professional resources, suppliers, statesmen, and vendors across the nation.

Due to this type of individualized full-commitment service being so time-consuming and comprehensive, we are only able to support a select number of farmers in our “full-setup” programs each season. That said, we are always open to networking with any other farmer, landowner, vendor, or industry professional whether you are utilizing our paid services or not. We realize it will still take a group effort to push national hemp objectives forward, therefore we firmly believe in group resourcing, knowledge sharing, and crowd cause support. Though our initial calling is to help you grow your hemp operation and place you on a path considerably ahead of any other hemp farmers in your region, we do also understand that the recent push for the legalization of hemp and it’s future benefits to hemp industry professionals are just at the beginning so our efforts have not ceased with the recent hemp victories in national and local legislature.

When it comes to our direct clients, our business model starts with an individualized custom approach to helping you understand what you need to achieve your goals, so we can offer you options that make sense in helping you achieve those goals. We can customize our consulting services to fit budgets and needs on all ends of the spectrum from rookie to the seasoned vet so don’t worry if you aren’t a full-scale agricultural producer or have limited upstart resources, we can work with almost any budget from a backyard farmer to a multi-million-dollar farming operation.

HempConsultants.com also has various sister companies and subsidiaries exclusively created to aid our consulting clients. Hemp Brokers, LLC was created as a solution to connect our hemp farming clients to our vast network of processors and retailers via our first-purchaser (the end buyer) exclusive contracts. In short, when your product is finished we have numerous buyers available in our network to shop for the top price for your harvest. Hemp Producers, LLC operates as our research and development cultivation operation where we test sample different manufacturer products and cultivation techniques in our fields and greenhouses so we can consistently bring our clients tried, tested, and true solutions to their hemp cultivation objectives and overall business goals.

We were also able to obtain the first hemp license in the state of Nebraska for the 2020 season for Brokering hemp and also the second license for Cultivating Hemp. So if you are interested in seeing any of our production areas Hemp Producers, LLC invites and encourages all of our existing or prospective clients to visit our Outdoor Nebraska Test Farm, Indoor Colorado Cultivation Facility, and Oregon Outdoor and Greenhouse Production Operations.

Overall, we designed our business model to help people just like yourself, so if you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.

Nebraska SOS #1909218500 & Federal EIN #84-3189225

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