By the Hour

Fee Structures

... By the Hour Package

Congratulations on selecting the by the hour package, our basic package, and taking the first step into the hemp business. We are excited to start working with you. Review the information below regarding what is all involved in the package that you have chosen. Once you are ready please fill out the information sheet below, and I will contact you as soon as possible to discuss the package that you have selected. Also, if you have any questions regarding this package please feel free to let me know in the form, and I will gladly answer them when we talk

Basic Hemp Overview / Basic Resources Review / Hemp Business Opportunities Discussion (2-3 hours)

We at can do group consulting or speaking engagements in your area. (retainer may apply)

Initial Design / Business Plan and Operational Setup / License Application (50-75 hours depending size of operation and complexity of state license application)

In Depth Research and Evaluation Session / Detailed Study of Available Resources / Pro-Forma and Financial Evaluation (10-15 hours)

We design all your Plot Layout, Soil Maps, Resource Utilization  and Infrastructure Implementation.

Panting Regiment, Water & Nutrient Cycles, Gender Identification, Harvest Schedules.

In the event that you order a related product to a conversation that you have with us. We will apply a credit to your order for that related product.

Consultations will need to be scheduled, and on an as needed basis.

We at will provide a maximum estimates for each task. This will allow you to understand the cost of each interaction.

In the event there’s a need for an extended engagement, we at will require a $2,000 retainer for our time.

By the Hour

Paid Prior To
$ 195 Per Hour
  • Hourly Consulting Fee to be Credited Back Upon Ordering of Related Products or Services
  • Basic Evaluation and Opportunities Consultation
  • Initial Design, Business Setup, Licensing
  • Feasibility Study, Site Design, Production Plan
  • On-site Operational Involvement
  • Speaking Engagements and Group Consulting
  • Access to Vendor and Supplier Network with Minimum 10% Upcharge on Product and Service Orders
  • Limited Consults via Scheduled Appointment Only
  • Will Provide Maximum Hour Estimates on Tasks
  • $2,000 Retainer for Extended Engagements