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During our time studying hemp farmers in Oregon and Colorado, we identified a need for post-harvest services. As business leaders, we are aware of the challenges in finding, let alone, creating this complex of a network. So in conjunction with creating HempConsultants.com, one of our members started contacting, organizing, and negotiating with processors of hemp. Thus our sister company, Nebraska Hemp Brokers LLC was created.

Once we’ve worked collectively through the licensing, planting, and harvesting phases, your yield will be immense. Which leads us to our most common question: What to do with your harvest?

The next step would be having Nebraska Hemp Brokers LLC assist you in matching you and your yield with the top processors in the Midwest. By utilizing their End Buyer Contract services you will have access to their vast network. This network of processors will ensure you receive top dollar for your harvest.

Our Hemp Brokers License

We were able to get the first Hemp Brokers License in the state of Nebraska. If you are wondering how we accomplished this please contact us, and we can help you through the process.

Our Seed Sale Permit

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