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As the #1 & #2 Hemp Brokers and Hemp Cultivator Licensee in the state of Nebraska, respectively, we at HempConsultants.com created this page to give you the client a glimpse into the full-scale detailed services we offer to our communities. With the best information up front, our clients can ensure that they are making the correct decision before choosing our consulting service. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to send us a message by clicking the Contact Us button or call us at (402) GET-PAID or 1-866 HEMP-GROW

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The initial step in our multi-stage process is a feasibility study to confirm that basic levels of qualification and sustainability can be met. This includes a general business overview, a state regulatory review, and geographic-specific industry best-practices overview, and a Client-specific project review and consults before initiating any future operational or financial planning. Based on HempConsultants.com analysis of the findings, we will provide recommendations for Clients:

  • Feasibility of Operation
  • Type of Business Formation
  • Business Workflow Capabilities
  • General Operations
  • Labor Capacity
  • Potential Site Location
  • Operation Size
  • Environmental Conditions
  • Infrastructure Analysis
  • Cultivation Regiments

All leading to the aggregate agricultural production capabilities and how to best achieve those goals.

Financial Pro-Forma and Graduated Expense Analysis

We at HempConsultants.com will provide general expense information pertaining to the hemp industry, and review the Client’s financial Pro-forma model for the purpose of forecasting and estimating start-up costs, graduated expenses, harvest revenues, ROI’s, COC analysis, etc. To appease compliance and regulation, the actual creation of the financial Pro-forma model will be the responsibility of the Client.

We at HempConsultants.com will assist in the creation of a business plan based on our specialized needs analysis of our Client, our hemp industry knowledge, traditional business regiments, and most importantly our Client’s input. We have hemp specific business plan templates that we can provide our Clients that are customizable and utilize local attorneys to provide regulated hemp industry best practices and compliance with pertinent state and/or federal regulations. When evaluating the operational components of the business plan we focus on:

  • Workflow Analysis
  • Labor and Temp Staffing Needs
  • Equipment Procurement
  • Supply Chain Management
  • End-Buyer Contracts
  • Overall Logistics

These valuable steps will help ensure your vision is clear and operational tasks are in order, as well as provide the physical documents needed for investor analysis. Couple this with your projected expense and income reports and you will be well equipped to solicit capital investment which is crucial as traditional banks are still difficult to impossible to obtain financing through.

For those Clients with an existing Business Plan, we offer professional review services from the perspective of not only a qualified hemp consultant and successful business developer, but also through the eyes of a potential investor as a primary reason for a business plan is to procure outside investment.

Farm Design Services Include:

      • Property/Plot Layout
      • Outbuilding and Greenhouse Design and Placement
      • Resource Usage
      • Infrastructure Implementation
      • Plant Count and Planting Patterns
      • Pre-planting Prep
      • Planting Timetables
      • Agronomy and Cultivation Schedules
      • Harvest Cycles
      • Utility Placement and Sourcing
      • Soil Mapping and Sampling
  • Based on your available resources, the geography of the land, and budget, we will work to design a to-scale, fully functional, and fully scalable farm layout for all facets of hemp production, for both CBD and Industrial Row Hemp.
  • Our formatted process is proven in creating a functional farm design taking into consideration numerous variables to ensure optimized growth in not only the product, but also the footprint of your production area, and most importantly you’re the growth of your income.
  • Agronomy and Cultivation schedules, rotations, harvest cycles, and the design plan will all be created with your resources in mind, combined with our prior hemp farm designs and industry-specific knowledge. We specialize in utilizing both hemp specific and general commercial horticulture/agricultural best practices designed to streamline operations and maximize workflow.
  • We will provide a soil sample analysis with detailed reports for fertigation recommendations, humus overlays, PH balancing, and other treatments.

Development of a Cultivation Plan/Schedule

HempConsultants.com will visit your operation to develop a cultivation operational plan consisting of but not limited to:

  • Soil Prep
  • Planting Patterns
  • Gender Identification
  • Nutrition Regiments
  • Watering Cycles
  • Crop Rotation Patterns
  • Harvesting Schedules
  • Post-Production Cultivation Operations

The cultivation plan and all schedules will be developed with your specific resources in mind, all while utilizing our industry knowledge, past farm design plans, modern hemp methodology, and our direct experience in hands-on cultivation. (Cultivation plan and schedule provided will be limited to three (3) revisions based on Client input).

On-Site Cultivation Field Deployment

In most scenarios, HempConsultants.com will deploy a lead consultant for an on-site visit to gather all necessary information and discover unknown variables to best create a successful cultivation plan specific to your land and resources. We also schedule a pattern of visits during the actual growth season typically during times of most importance such as planting, gender determination, and harvesting (covering one full crop cycle).

Unlike most hemp consulting companies, we believe in being hands on with our Client’s farms, therefore making on-site visits an essential part of our consulting services. Depending on the consulting package you choose, travel charges are either fully waived, or assessed at true cost.

Whether you are farming hemp for CBD, seed oil, food, or fiber, HempConsultants.com has direct access to the top geneticists and seed manufacturers (not seed re-sellers)… unlike most seed salesmen or “consultants” who simply utilize price-markups via wholesale seed resale networks with unknown seed sources.

Many of our seed varieties are not only exclusive to us and our clients, but they all come from USA-Based fully certified seed manufacturers and geneticists. We can provide proven genetics with proven successful track records of multi-year growth lineages. Depending on your specific scenario, we offer different solutions from:

  • Clones
  • Feminized Seeds
  • Non-Feminized Seeds
  • Auto-Flower Seeds
  • High CBD Seeds
  • Industrial Hemp Seeds
  • Dual and Triple Purpose Genetics
  • Male Hemp Pollen
  • Tissue Culture Starts

HempConsultants.com will develop an optimal equipment and supply/materials list for all hemp cultivation operations on your farm based on your specific resources and overall goals, combined with our previous industry knowledge and vast networks of tried and true, fully researched and reviewed, commercial horticulture/agriculture affiliates and vendors. We evaluate all aspects of your operation and make our lists based on multiple factors from farm design and layout, agronomic inputs, production capabilities, labor resources, and available financial resources.

In Nebraska, only 10 of 176 applications were accepted in 2019. This scarcity of licenses has been the number one most requested consultation that we provide.

At HempConsultants.com, we have created proprietary pre-licensing training and pre-application preparation that will take advantage of our exclusive access to prior state hemp applications and our knowledge of the current Leg. Bill 657 which, in pieces, defines the most probable requirements that will be present on the application forms.

This will best position you to be ready to quickly and confidently acquire the coveted hemp production and/or processing licenses. Though the formal application submission will be done by the Client in person, HempConsultants.com will support the Client with the question requirements and submission of the application for a hemp business license. The practice will ensure that all application questions and supporting documentation requirements are met, including but not limited to:

  • Site Design and Layout
  • GPS Plot Coordinates
  • Site Modifications
  • Crop Planting Patterns
  • Field Border Maps
  • Security Plans
  • Documentation Logs
  • Attestation Assistance
  • Application Fee Analysis
  • Variety (Seed) Type
  • Seed Samples and Certificates
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)
  • Background Checks (Local and Federal)

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